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Hi Again!

I actually was shocked when I realized I hadn’t blogged since the end of October.

Where does time go?

We’re all moved into Arena, Wisconsin and went through a really nice, but lonely

Thanksgiving and Christmas, as we weren’t able to spend either with any family.

Now, it’s the end of January and the morning temp was -22!!! BRRR!! I haven’t

stuck my nose outside for a couple days. I’m thankful for a warm home and lots

of good coffee. 🙂

Now that I’m up and running, I plan to try doing my updates a couple times a

week once again.

So – stay tuned. Just Me Again – Pam Bush


  • Doris Burk says:

    Hell Pam, I sent you a e-mail yesterday but don’t think it went if did sorry I am writhing again. I am so glad you have got moved and settled. I am so anxious to hear from Rhonda and family. I really miss talking to her and the family. I enjoyed them so much when they were here last and enjoyed Rhonda staying with me when her house was a mess. I would appreciate if you could e-mail me if you have heard from them. I am Doris Burk from First Baptist and use to babysit the girls. Love to you both. Doris

  • Doris Burk says:

    sorry Hello

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