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Dieting Breakthrough

Today I’m focusing on eating and drinking because a couple days ago I finally had a break through.  Woohoo!  To briefly explain – in Jan. we (my hubby and I) started working out 3x a wk at Snap Fitness.  To date, I’ve not lost an inch or a pound.  UGH!!  I kept asking the Lord what I was doing wrong!!!  I don’t snack at night after 8 pm, we’re eating our main meal at noon with light snacks whenever I’m hungry. 

Then I read a bk called “Out Smarting the Female Fat Cell”.  It took the last two chaps to point out my error – I’m still eating too many fats – even though I seldom eat fried foods.  Now, I know my plan of action – and believe me it isn’t easy!!!  🙂  But, I’m praising the Lord and ready for the challenge.

By the way, do you know that we women need to workout 2x more than men for the same results?!  Oh well, God had to make us special in order to bear children, so I’m really not complaining – just trying how to get control of this wayward body of mine!  Plus, this is a lifestyle change for me not a diet.  I will never diet again.  I truly believe it was on again/off again diets that messed my metabolism up in the first place.

I’m interested in any comments or feedback, or just plain encouraging words.  Take care – Pam Bush

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