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Testimonials and Reviews

Out of the Snare is one of those rare books you simply cannot put down; even if that means at 2:00 in the morning! Personally, I feel this thriller is written with the same finesse and level of professionalism as any novel put out by Dee Henderson. Stimulating and exciting, this is one fantastic read!!”

– Rhonda E.

“I’ve been wanting to purchase Out of the Snare, but it hasn’t worked out;then I went to my Mom’s and she had one sitting on the table. A friend had loaned it to her. I started reading it and couldn’t put it down! Could I possibly purchase some signed copies from you for gifts?”

– Deb H.

“I started reading Out of the Whirlwind and didn’t stop until I read it cover to cover. I’ve shared this book with several friends. We all want to read more, so I plan to buy the other two books.”

– Sheryl T.

“You are a gifted writer. He has blessed you with compassion, insight, knowledge, and wisdom on how to apply it all.”

– Emma K.

* * * *

Out of the Whirlwind is a book that would help anyone going through a difficult time!”

– Tressa, local gas station clerk

* * * *

Out of the Whirlwind and Out of the Snare could be called a series but each book is unquestionably complete on its own.
They are both what I would call, heartfelt first-class Christian fiction reading.
Whether we like it or not, we all will deal with the loss of love ones at some time in our life. In “Out of the Whirlwind” Pamela strikes home as she addresses real life feelings of anger, and grief, and yes, even the way we mourn those who have left us behind. 

My favorite character Hope; is so real that I wanted to meet her in person.
Both of these well written books remind us that we never really know just what’s inside another’s heart. But when troubles come we learn that our Lord and Savior will never fail us.
Out of the Snare” is filled with drama and apprehension and lets us know without a doubt that no matter what we have done or said in our past we can come to know the love of our Savior. Pamela lets us know that Christ always opens the door of salvation, we just have to knock!

– Donna Vinke, Tate author

* * * *

“Pamela Bush weaves together a spellbinding novel of crime, passion, and romance with a powerful message of redemption and hope in the midst of life’s tragedies” in Out of the Snare.

– Edward Erwin, PhD; Military chaplain and adjunct professor, Troy University

* * * *

Out of the Snare is “An exceptional piece of literary art that keeps one intrigued page by page.”

– Laura Thompson, BS; Exec. Director of Alpha Family Center, Greenville, Michgan

Out of the Mire is hard to put down. This is my favorite one of trilogy.

– Doug B.

Out of the Mire starts out like a harlequin, but soon picks up. I couldn’t put it down. In fact, I stayed up until 12:30 p.m. to finish it – which is late for me!

– Della B.

The Fire Within: Fighting Through Adversity is a book that I will read again!  It’s written in a way that is believable and yet, makes you wonder how Paul and his wife Gretchen remained married with everything that came at them.  I would recommend this book to ANYONE who’s going through adversity – – whatever form that may be.

– Judi B.

Wow!  I can’t believe how good  The Fire Within: Fighting Through Adversity is.  Paul Bush truly has the Spirit of God helping him throughout his life.  It’s amazing the experimental things that he’s gone through.  The cement beads doused with antibiotics was a new one to me.

– Nurse Gwyn N.

My dad just finished the book – The Fire Within: Fighting Through Adversity and really enjoyed it.  He is sharing it with a friend, and then maybe I’ll get it back so I can read it too! 🙂

– Darcie G.

Finished The Fire Within: Fighting Through Adversity and am so thankful that you wrote it.Very touching. Your family is blessed!

– Amanda E.

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