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Wonderful Week With Family

Our son and family have been here a week and what a great time we’ve all had.  Initially we thought it may be a quiet week, but ended up being the hottest week in Michigan so far this year!  Whew!  So, we made several trips to a friend’s cabin on Rainbow Lake to swim, fish, go out on the pontoon and generally try to stay cool.  The kids had lots of fun  fishing off the dock.  Or, just playing in the water with Dad and Grandpa. We also went to a petting zoo that even had camels, zebras, and real live reindeer!  The little monkey could fit in your hand and became our son, Paul’s, new best friend.  The two of them bonded.  The little guy would even give Paul a high five – go figure.

But, alas, all good things come to an end and tomorrow morn they head back to Kentucky. 🙁

I so love having them here, but the good Lord willing, we’ll see all of them again over Christmas.  Meanwhile, we’re spending our last full day together at another friend’s place who has a large pond in her yard.  Grandpa, Paul, Pierce, and Hope will be fishing – again – while Gretchen and I hang out with Linda.  Possibly even doing some stamping crafts.  🙂


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