What’s going on with our Michigan weather?

This weather has been hard on my body!  While our family was here visiting from KAN-TUCK-EE the temps were in the 90’s.  Now I’m waking up to temps in the 40’s.  I actually sleep better at night when it’s cooler, but am now fighting a sinus infection and bronchitis.  My throat is raw from all the coughing and I’d greatly appreciate your prayers.  Thanks.


  • Cindy Hodgson Young says:

    Keep on the antibiotics if they give them to you. It took 2 courses to get over a sinus infection I had in June! Drink lots of water! Good healing thoughts for you!

    • Pamela Bush says:

      Thank you. It has really been slow going, but I am making progress. Sorry I didn’t see you at Freeport Homecoming today. What a beautiful day we had. The weather was perfect.

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