What Are We Remembering?

Memorial Day – what is that supposed to be about?  According to Webster:  memorial means serving to reserve remembrance; of or relating to memory.  Memorial Day was specifically incorporated to remember those who died in war.  Me?  I remember my Dad in all he went through in WWII.  He was a survivor of his ship being sunk in the Battle for Solomon Islands.  Due to consequences of that battle, he physically suffered the rest of his life until passing away in May 1981 at the age of 61.  I also remember my three brothers all being in the service at the same time; esp. Don in Viet Nam and Doug in S. Korea.  Added to my family, I remember those who gave their lives for the Korea War, Iraq, Afghanistan, and even 9/11, Boston, and other times when our men and women fought to preserve our freedom and way of life.

Thank you all who have served for us and who are currently serving, like my son-in-law who’s a Navy Chaplain currently stationed at Camp LeJeune.  May we all take time to thank them personally when we see them on the street or in a store, etc.

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