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Slowly Plugging Along!

Wow – it’s amazing how much STUFF we can accumulate in twelve years!

Monday I started working in my office – a relatively small space – and I’m still not done.

Of course, it might not be helping that I’m going through EVERY file – including the research I did years ago about my Dad’s WWII time aboard the USS Astoria and when it was sunk in the Solomon Island Battle.  He was a survivor – or else I wouldn’t be here now writing to you fine people.  🙂  That journey took me back in time and delayed the sorting process.

Then I came across a large folder of short stories I’d written – that I’d forgotten about.  I had to read several of them for many of them I didn’t remember writing.  (That goes with pushing 60.)

Insert bits of crying jags and I think you can see why this whole moving, sorting, getting ready for a sale thing is overwhelming at times.

My new goal is to just do what I can each day and trust the Lord that all will be done when Tom announces, “The moving van is here – TIME’S UP!”

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