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Pam’s Vacation – Installment Two

I left off with us getting wet in our tent and moving to the rustic cabin.  You know how after you shut the lights off your eyes slowly acclimate to the darkness and you start being able to see your surroundings?  Well, that didn’t happen in our cabin.  It was like we were sleeping in a pitch dark cave AND IT GAVE ME THE CREEPS – no lie!  Hubby nodded off almost immediately, but not me.  It didn’t help any when I heard noises coming from our food area.  That was a very restless, uncomfortable night for me.  (In my own defense, I’m a writer you know.  We writer’s usually have pretty good imaginations and mine was kicking into overdrive.)

The next morn, I said in my sweetest (maybe a bit whiney) voice, “Honey, can I have a nightlight tonight? Ple-a-se?”  Thankfully, he had a lantern that also sported a nightlite – YAH!!  From then on, I fell asleep peacefully and if I did wake up to use our porta-potty (no going to the outdoor privy for me during the night!!) I could still see my way around the cabin.

Oh, by the way – the noises near our food ended up  being mice.  After that first night we had to be more creative about protecting our food from the “critters”.

Stay tuned for more.

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