Luncheon Cruise Through The Locks – Vacation final segment

101_2280 This was our Luncheon Cruise ship and I was excited!!!  First we cruised awhile to the east and then we turned around to head for the locks.  Going west we went through the Canadian Locks.  Once inside, the gates closed and they raised us and a yacht that had come in with us, 21 feet to the level of Lake Superior.  When they opened up the gate for us to proceed, we were surprised to see some kayakers who had come through just before us.  They were headed for the white water rapids that flow between the Canadian and US Locks.

We cruised around seeing the sights and then headed east again to the US Locks.  This time we had to be lowered the 21 ft to the level of Lake Huron.

All and all it was loads of fun and something I highly recommend everyone to do at least once in their lifetime.

I was still floating high with excitement when we walked off the ship and toward our car in the parking lot nearby.  Out of the corner of my eye I caught movement above us and there was a wonderful ending to our Sault St. Marie experience.  Soaring, maybe 75 – 100 feet above our heads were two bald eagles.  WOW!!  I looked around to see who I could tell (I’d already shouted it to Tom).  A couple women were just getting into their car, so I told them.  One was in doubt – that is until she grabbed her fancy smancy camera and then declared, “She’s right – they are eagles!”  She then excitedly began snapping a zillion photos.  All I had was my little digital camera, so Tom and I settled on just snapping memories in our minds as we watched them circle and circle right out of our sight.

What more can I say.  The Lord allowed us wonderful times on our vacation.  We were gone almost two weeks and by then we were both happy to get back into our own beds.

Thanks for sharing our vacation with us.  The Lord bless you.


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