Giant Bearded Irises!

My in-laws grew and were quite famous for their giant bearded iris patch.  It was fairly large and sported about every color imaginable.  As they grew older and then Tom’s father went to be with the Lord, the task of keeping them up became impossible.  Over the years, we’ve dug up many of the various colors and transplanted them at our home.  They like it here and have flourished.  We love watching them come up and then start their multi-colored blooming.  It’s also fun to hunt down their names like – Hello Darkness (deep purple, almost black) ; Edith Wolford (yellow/blue) ; Speed Limit (policeman blue) ; Tequila Sunrise (rust and a kind of burnt yellow combo) and I could go on and on. Suffice it to say, they are absolutely beautiful and remind us of God’s wonderful, beautiful, color schemes in this great world of His!100_0444 Edith Wolford Speed Limit

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  • Yes, I do miss seeing row upon row of those beauties at Grandma’s house. Down here, I have white bearded. Then, the swamp has plain purple and plain gold. They’re nothing like what you all see up north.

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