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Don’t You Love Fleamarkets?

We have a semi-famous flea market not far from our home in a small town called Trufant, that’s only open on Thursdays starting Spring through Fall and I love browsing – don’t you?  But, I must say ever since I started watching Treasure Hunters and see how much they pay for things, I’m much bolder in my purchases now.  For instance, my mom collected clowns and Mother’s Day last weekend brought her especially to my mind.  I’ve been missing her loads.  Anyway, I saw a moving clown that plays a trumpet with $10 on it.  I offered $6 AND GOT IT!  Since I was still browsing, they agreed to hold my items until my return.  When we came back, they’d put it in a nice canvas bag with pink handles in memory of my Mom passing away from cancer (which I’d mentioned while studying the clown). Wasn’t that extremely nice?  And, just so you don’t think I’m totally mean for talking them down, I did purchase another item from the nice people.

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