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Visitors Coming! :)

Daughter Rhonda and granddaughters, Sarah and Abby, are flying in tomorrow night for a few nights.  We’re so excited!  We haven’t seen them since last Christmas.  🙁  That’s way too long for me and we only get them until Monday morning   – so we need to squeeze lots of living in three short days. It’s […]

Slowly Plugging Along!

Wow – it’s amazing how much STUFF we can accumulate in twelve years! Monday I started working in my office – a relatively small space – and I’m still not done. Of course, it might not be helping that I’m going through EVERY file – including the research I did years ago about my Dad’s […]

Life’s Changes and Turns

Today our life took a big turn and I have mixed feelings. If anyone has been ministering in one place for twelve years or more, you know what I’m talking about. This afternoon we accepted a call to a new ministry in the beautiful state of Wisconsin.  BUT, that also means we need to leave […]

Being Flexible and Happy About It! :)

Things don’t always go the way we think – do they?  We did a book signing up at The Shack Bed & Breakfast and had a great time.  The interesting thing?  The people I expected to show up – didn’t.  Instead, people came that I hadn’t seen in years and we had a great time!!  […]

Luncheon Cruise Through The Locks – Vacation final segment

This was our Luncheon Cruise ship and I was excited!!!  First we cruised awhile to the east and then we turned around to head for the locks.  Going west we went through the Canadian Locks.  Once inside, the gates closed and they raised us and a yacht that had come in with us, 21 feet […]

On to the Sault Ste. Marie Locks – Segment Three

It has been years since I’ve been to the locks located between Michigan and Canada.  Once there we checked into going on a Luncheon Cruise RIGHT THROUGH THE LOCKS – that’s right!  I held my breath when asking about any space left – after all it was for that same day only a couple hours […]

Pam’s Vacation – Installment Two

I left off with us getting wet in our tent and moving to the rustic cabin.  You know how after you shut the lights off your eyes slowly acclimate to the darkness and you start being able to see your surroundings?  Well, that didn’t happen in our cabin.  It was like we were sleeping in […]

Pam’s Thoughts About Her Vacation Trip!

On August 23, we left for a trip to Wisconsin – which was a Friday morn.  We spent a great weekend with new friends and then Monday morn headed north to the UP of Michigan to do some camping.  We love camping and haven’t been able to do it for a few years.  So, we […]

Today I Stepped Into the Past

Today I did a booksigning at the Freeport Homecoming in Freeport, Michigan.  This is my hometown where I grew up until marrying and moving away.  The weather was perfect – in the mid-70’s and I saw people I haven’t seen for years! One in particular was a teacher I had in elementary!  She walked up […]

What’s going on with our Michigan weather?

This weather has been hard on my body!  While our family was here visiting from KAN-TUCK-EE the temps were in the 90’s.  Now I’m waking up to temps in the 40’s.  I actually sleep better at night when it’s cooler, but am now fighting a sinus infection and bronchitis.  My throat is raw from all […]

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