Slowly Plugging Along!

Wow – it’s amazing how much STUFF we can accumulate in twelve years!

Monday I started working in my office – a relatively small space – and I’m still not done.

Of course, it might not be helping that I’m going through EVERY file – including the research I did years ago about my Dad’s WWII time aboard the USS Astoria and when it was sunk in the Solomon Island Battle.  He was a survivor – or else I wouldn’t be here now writing to you fine people.  🙂  That journey took me back in time and delayed the sorting process.

Then I came across a large folder of short stories I’d written – that I’d forgotten about.  I had to read several of them for many of them I didn’t remember writing.  (That goes with pushing 60.)

Insert bits of crying jags and I think you can see why this whole moving, sorting, getting ready for a sale thing is overwhelming at times.

My new goal is to just do what I can each day and trust the Lord that all will be done when Tom announces, “The moving van is here – TIME’S UP!”

Life’s Changes and Turns

Today our life took a big turn and I have mixed feelings.

If anyone has been ministering in one place for twelve years or more, you know what I’m talking about.

This afternoon we accepted a call to a new ministry in the beautiful state of Wisconsin.  BUT, that also means we need to leave our Michigan Winter Wonderland, family, friends, and things familiar.

Tom and I both have peace about this upcoming move, but still will experience times of great sadness over good-byes, packing, sorting, a moving sale, etc.

Please pray with us about this AND please pray for the dear people we will be leaving at Langston Church.  We love them all and pray God’s very best for them in this new season of transitions in all of our lives.  Thanks so very much.

Being Flexible and Happy About It! :)

Things don’t always go the way we think – do they?  We did a book signing up at The Shack Bed & Breakfast and had a great time.  The interesting thing?  The people I expected to show up – didn’t.  Instead, people came that I hadn’t seen in years and we had a great time!!  I never know what will happen at book signings.  For instance, one time I sold no books, but then another time I sold 32.  Go figure!   At first it used to frustrate me to not sell many books, but now I simply thank the Lord for any I’m able to sell; anyone I can encourage to follow their dreams, or just encourage; and ultimately to bring Glory to my Heavenly Father.

After all, that’s what we’re really here for right?  To give Him all the glory and point others toward Him.

Have a great day and thank you to all who have purchased, read, borrowed (or whatever) one of my books.  I also thank all of you for the wonderful feed back I get.

By the way – isn’t our “Mighty Mac” that connects the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan amazing!?!  I love looking at it!

Luncheon Cruise Through The Locks – Vacation final segment

101_2280 This was our Luncheon Cruise ship and I was excited!!!  First we cruised awhile to the east and then we turned around to head for the locks.  Going west we went through the Canadian Locks.  Once inside, the gates closed and they raised us and a yacht that had come in with us, 21 feet to the level of Lake Superior.  When they opened up the gate for us to proceed, we were surprised to see some kayakers who had come through just before us.  They were headed for the white water rapids that flow between the Canadian and US Locks.

We cruised around seeing the sights and then headed east again to the US Locks.  This time we had to be lowered the 21 ft to the level of Lake Huron.

All and all it was loads of fun and something I highly recommend everyone to do at least once in their lifetime.

I was still floating high with excitement when we walked off the ship and toward our car in the parking lot nearby.  Out of the corner of my eye I caught movement above us and there was a wonderful ending to our Sault St. Marie experience.  Soaring, maybe 75 – 100 feet above our heads were two bald eagles.  WOW!!  I looked around to see who I could tell (I’d already shouted it to Tom).  A couple women were just getting into their car, so I told them.  One was in doubt – that is until she grabbed her fancy smancy camera and then declared, “She’s right – they are eagles!”  She then excitedly began snapping a zillion photos.  All I had was my little digital camera, so Tom and I settled on just snapping memories in our minds as we watched them circle and circle right out of our sight.

What more can I say.  The Lord allowed us wonderful times on our vacation.  We were gone almost two weeks and by then we were both happy to get back into our own beds.

Thanks for sharing our vacation with us.  The Lord bless you.


On to the Sault Ste. Marie Locks – Segment Three

It has been years since I’ve been to the locks located between Michigan and Canada.  Once there we checked into going on a Luncheon Cruise RIGHT THROUGH THE LOCKS – that’s right!  I held my breath when asking about any space left – after all it was for that same day only a couple hours away.  You can imagine my excitement when she said there was still some tables left.  YAH!!  We bought the tickets and then went to find something else to do while waiting.

Across the parking lot was a large tanker called The Valley Camp.  It was a close replica to the Edmund Fitzgerald which sunk in Lake Superior – I think back in the mid-70’s.  You could go on tours, so off we went to explore this huge tanker.  It really was interesting and I was fascinated with the narrow walkways and doorways, not to mention the tiny living quarters and “heads” – that’s the bathroom to you landlubbers!  🙂

We went up, up to the front steering cabin with all its gadgets and down, down, down into one of the holds – which was huge.  One had been converted into a museum and actually had lots of things salvaged from the Edmund – which my hubby especially found interesting.

But, time was moving on and it was time to “get on board” for my 2 1/2 hr cruise.

I couldn’t help but think about the old show – Gilligan’s Island – and their 3 hr cruise.  Thankfully, I was taking a very good swimmer as my escort.  🙂

Pam’s Vacation – Installment Two

I left off with us getting wet in our tent and moving to the rustic cabin.  You know how after you shut the lights off your eyes slowly acclimate to the darkness and you start being able to see your surroundings?  Well, that didn’t happen in our cabin.  It was like we were sleeping in a pitch dark cave AND IT GAVE ME THE CREEPS – no lie!  Hubby nodded off almost immediately, but not me.  It didn’t help any when I heard noises coming from our food area.  That was a very restless, uncomfortable night for me.  (In my own defense, I’m a writer you know.  We writer’s usually have pretty good imaginations and mine was kicking into overdrive.)

The next morn, I said in my sweetest (maybe a bit whiney) voice, “Honey, can I have a nightlight tonight? Ple-a-se?”  Thankfully, he had a lantern that also sported a nightlite – YAH!!  From then on, I fell asleep peacefully and if I did wake up to use our porta-potty (no going to the outdoor privy for me during the night!!) I could still see my way around the cabin.

Oh, by the way – the noises near our food ended up  being mice.  After that first night we had to be more creative about protecting our food from the “critters”.

Stay tuned for more.

Pam’s Thoughts About Her Vacation Trip!

On August 23, we left for a trip to Wisconsin – which was a Friday morn.  We spent a great weekend with new friends and then Monday morn headed north to the UP of Michigan to do some camping.  We love camping and haven’t been able to do it for a few years.  So, we found a beautiful site on Lake Michigan and hunkered in to have a wonderful time of not doing anything but fishing, watching the campfire and just enjoying some down time. . . . That lasted one whole night!  Monday night a thunderstorm hit that dumped rain until noon the next day.  Needless to say . . . everything got wet – including me!!!  Everything that is – except hubby, Tom. His sleeping bag and pillow never got a drop.  Go Figure!  By the next afternoon, I asked if we could see if the State Park had a rustic cabin available.  Hallelujah – they did.  That Tuesday afternoon we moved in and were able to stay there until Friday morn.  It wasn’t quite the same as tenting, but in my book, a very close AND DRY, alternative.  It was during that time in the cabin with no electricity, indoor plumbing, or soft beds that we came to a decision.  “We’re too old for this.  It’s time we invested in a camper!”   🙂

Stay tuned to another addition of Pam’s Trip to the Upper Peninsula coming up on Thursday – the Lord willing.

Humble Pie

Have you ever said something in jesting and then later felt convicted that someone could have taken it differently?

That recently happened to me.  People laughed at my words, but later I felt guilty that I shouldn’t have said the “funny” things.  Honestly, over the past few days I’ve asked the Lord to forgive me multiple times and that I will never do that again.  (You had to be there to understand the jesting.)

Today I was able to make it right with someone and I’m praising the Lord that I was able to say the right words.  This particular woman was very gracious and hadn’t taken my jesting wrong.  In fact, she put my mind at ease with kind words which brought tears to my eyes.

The Lord is so gracious and many, many times so are His people.

I’m sorry if this all seems vague, but I will close with the following verses:

“Therefore be imitators of God, as dear children; and walk in love, as Christ also loved us, and gave Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God as a sweet smelling aroma.  But immorality or any impurity or greed must not be named among you, as is proper among saints; Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not fitting; but, rather, giving of thanks.”       – Ephesians 5:1 – 4

Today I Stepped Into the Past

Today I did a booksigning at the Freeport Homecoming in Freeport, Michigan.  This is my hometown where I grew up until marrying and moving away.  The weather was perfect – in the mid-70’s and I saw people I haven’t seen for years! One in particular was a teacher I had in elementary!  She walked up and said, “HI, Pamela.  I was one of your teachers!”  I stared for I didn’t recognize the woman.  “Really?  When were you my teacher?”  “Back then I was Miss Tagg.”  I was floored.  She was one of my 6th grade teachers and I haven’t seen her in probably close to 50 years!  Back then she was around 26 yrs old.  We were 11-12 and thought she was beautiful but since still unmarried was classified in our “old maid” book.  🙂  She looked absolutely great and we had a nice, but short chat.  Although, I had to ask her if I should still call her Miss Tagg or not.  She smiled and graciously said, “Feel free to call me Donna, now.”  To be honest, it felt wrong somehow.

My husband had come along so volunteered to man the booth while I watched the parade.  Back when I was a child, the Freeport Homecoming lasted three days with rides and everything.  We’d have frog jumping contests, foot races, elephant ears (which are still available) and Friday night talent shows.  Then on Saturday night we ALWAYS had Remwall (?) and the Green Valley Boys do a concert on the bandstand to a packed crowd overflowing the bleachers that had been brought in to the vacant lot in the middle of town.  Am I bringing back memories to anyone?  We had great, clean fun, and lots of rides on the ferris wheel.

Oh the good ole days – where have they gone?  Now I’m pushing 59 and the crowds are much, much smaller – no more carnival with the games and rides.  Before heading back up to the community center where my booth was located, I mingled with the crowd.  But you know what?  I hardly knew anybody and it made me sad.  My parents and most of their friends are all gone now and “us kids” are now in our late 50’s and 60’s.

Don’t mind me – those really were good days and it was fun seeing familiar faces, chatting about my books, and selling some.

Thanks for going with me on this little memory journey.  Have a nice, restful Sunday.

What’s going on with our Michigan weather?

This weather has been hard on my body!  While our family was here visiting from KAN-TUCK-EE the temps were in the 90’s.  Now I’m waking up to temps in the 40’s.  I actually sleep better at night when it’s cooler, but am now fighting a sinus infection and bronchitis.  My throat is raw from all the coughing and I’d greatly appreciate your prayers.  Thanks.

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