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Archives for "June 2013"

What a Beautiful Day!

To me days with temps in the 70’s are absolutely perfect!  There’s a wonderful breeze sending fresh air throughout the house and I love it!  Thank you, Lord.  I am saddened though – my giant bearded irises are pretty much at the end of the season.  I went out this morning and have only four […]

Father’s Day Weekend

This is Father’s Day weekend and my Dad is on my mind.  He was the middle son of 17 kids and was one of the first to pass away.  He had health issues from WWII which he never got over and through the years the extensive meds and multiple surgeries finally took their toll.  Dad […]

Giant Bearded Irises!

My in-laws grew and were quite famous for their giant bearded iris patch.  It was fairly large and sported about every color imaginable.  As they grew older and then Tom’s father went to be with the Lord, the task of keeping them up became impossible.  Over the years, we’ve dug up many of the various […]

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