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Archives for "March 2013"

Christ or Easter Bunnies?

I know it’s fun to hide eggs and let the little ones hunt for them, but are we sending them a mixed message?  I think so.  I’ve taught Jr. Church and Children Sunday Schools for years.  Sometimes I only get kids once maybe twice a year, usually on Easter.  When I ask the question – […]

Oops! :)

I downloaded the wrong bookcover.  🙂    This is the correct one.

TWO Big News

Hi everyone!  I’m excited to announce that the third book in the Whirlwind series is now available in e-book form on amazon.  Please look for – Out of the Mire by Pamela Bush. The second big news is that it’s less than a month before my next book, entitled – The Fire Within:Fighting Through Adversity […]

This Is Spring?

I’m sorry people but pauxatowney was wrong!  (Is that how his name is spelled?)  Yesterday was the first day of spring and we had snow, sleet, and cloudy days.  Today the sun has peeked out a few times, but the temp is a chilly high of 32 degrees.  Would you believe last year at this time […]

Starting a New Adventure

Today begins a new era of blogging for me.  Being in my late 50’s, I’ve procrastinated long enough.  In this new techno age, I need to get “me” out there in order to spread the word about me and my novels.  So, this is the beginning of me attempting to talk with the world-at-large at […]

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