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Whew – – – I’m almost done!!

Due to rise in publisher prices for my first novel – Out of the Whirlwind – I’ve been re-doing it to publish on kindle and createspace.  These sites are in conjunction with amazon and give me a much, much better price for print on demand.  I’m not totally done with the process, but very close.  […]

Win a Limited Edition Hardcover copy of The Fire Within: Fighting Through Adversity

  Follow this link to Pamela Bush’s  website and you can enter to win a special edition, not available in any store, hardcover copy of The Fire Within: Fighting Through Adversity.

It’s Finally Here!

Today’s the Day! There are two big things happening today – The Fire Within: Fighting Through Adversity can now be ordered through any means – internet, stores, etc.  But, for the next three days – IF you order it from my website, you can also download a free kindle copy of my book – Out […]

Oops! :)

I downloaded the wrong bookcover.  🙂    This is the correct one.

Starting a New Adventure

Today begins a new era of blogging for me.  Being in my late 50’s, I’ve procrastinated long enough.  In this new techno age, I need to get “me” out there in order to spread the word about me and my novels.  So, this is the beginning of me attempting to talk with the world-at-large at […]

Let’s Play Ten Questions

Okay Ratherbeshopping, here goes! 1) What is your idea of a perfect day?      Going to The Shack B & B with my hubby Tom, soak in the jacuzzi (woohoo!!), take walks around the grounds, sit by the fireside, or by the lake, or in the small one room chapel and talk to the Lord.  […]

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